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FAQ – Frequently asked questions:


What makes Blades different to all the other sporting footwear and apparel companies?
Blades have a full range of boots that cater for athletes of all levels, from kids who play on local hard grounds to top athletes who train and play every day at the highest level.  Blades are constructed to the highest quality from only the best fabrics to suit the occasion.

Which sports are Blades boots best suited to?
Blades boots are designed for all types of grass football including Rugby League, AFL, Soccer, Rugby Union, Touch Football, Oztag and Hockey.

What innovations have Blades developed in football boot technology?
Blades are the original inventors of the Dual Density Sole System in a football boot. This allows for maximum flexibility in the fore-foot to increase performance, and keeps rigidity in the rear-foot where support is needed to reduce the prospect of injury.
Blades also have patented blade angles that maximise grip and allow for an easy release to help prevent injury when too much strain is encountered.

What is D2?
D2 is a fused dual density sole system that allows a single piece outer-sole to flex where it is needed and offer stability and support in the other vital areas.

What is XRS?
XRS, otherwise known as the X Release System, is a cleverly engineered blade pattern that releases its grip when strain becomes too high. Where other patterns may hold for too long and cause injury in excessive circumstances, the XRS gives ultra grip only to the point of excessive force and then releases to save what could be lengthy times on the side-line.

Which top athletes use Blades boots?
Hundreds of top athletes in all codes of football opt for Blades. Some of these players include Lote Tuquiri  (Wests Tigers), Cam Mooney (Geelong Cats), Anderson (Gold Coast United) and Quade Cooper (QLD Reds). For a more comprehensive list of players who choose Blades visit the partners/sponsors section in this website.

Do Blades make running shoes?
Blades have now begun to invest in the development of running and training footwear. The “Vibe” and the “Fortis” are available in 2010/2011 and both offer an affordable yet technical option for athletes needing a well cushioned, supportive and flexible running shoe.

What type of apparel does Blades manufacture?
Blades is the official On-Field licensee for the Wests Tigers (NRL), Bulldogs(NRL) and the Kangaroos (AFL). Blades strategically develop all of its apparel to the highest quality to suit the varying needs and conditions of each particular code.

Can I order Blades apparel for my club?
Clubs can request custom designed on and off-field apparel in their own unique colours. All Blades apparel is of the same high quality that our top level clubs have come to expect. Please be aware that most items require a minimum quantity order before production can commence.

Where can I purchase Blades boots?
Blades boots are available right throughout New Zealand at leading retail outlets such as Rebel Sport, Stirlings, Sportsworld, SportsPower &The Frontrunner to name a few, visit the retailers section in this website.

Is there a quality guarantee when I purchase Blades?
All Blades boots are tested and made to the highest standard. If, in the rare case, you do experience any manufacturers fault you may take your product with a receipt back to the store of purchase for assessment.

How do I properly care for my Blades boots?
Leather, Microfibre and Synthetic Boots: Do not machine wash. Hand wash with a dampened cloth using a mild soap and cold water. Do not soak or saturate with water. Clean boots immediately if been exposed to dirt or mud. Hang or leave to air dry.
If boots have gotten wet (crucial for leather boots) it is recommended that you fill the inside with newspaper and leave for at least 12hrs to dry out of direct sunlight. This will draw out the moisture and help prevent cracking, peeling and other deterioration.


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